01 August 2013

My Guide to Sunnyside

Working in LIC (Long Island City) for the past 2 years has been tough. I live within walking distance from our Manhattan offices, but made the 30 minute (reverse) commute every morning. Today, we finally are 100% in Manhattan and I couldn't be more excited! For anyone who ever wants to give LIC a whirl, here are a few of my fave spots to hit up. 

To Do:
1. MOMA PS1. - super fun and in the Summer, you should absolutely go to at least one PS1 warm up session.
2. While on the way to MOMA PS1 you should take the 7 train and look at the amazing 5 POINTZ graffiti. It's really amazing and cool to see, especially if you're a graffiti art fan (like me). 

1. Pink Icing - great for cupcakes
2. Williamsburger - amazing burgers (not so amazing for my waistline)
3. DeMole - best quesedilla and salsa in town
4. Souk El Shater - yummy Lebanese food 
5. Sage General Store - a great place to eat after going to MOMA PS1.

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