02 August 2013

Party Planning: Mom's Palm Beach Birthday

Every year, my Mom makes the trek down to Palm Beach for Henry's golf camp.  How much fun would it be to throw my Mom a surprise party for my in PB? Considering we never reeeeeallllly celebrate her birthday (sorry Mom!) this would be a super fun surprise! Now we just need to get everyone there. 

Because it's in Palm Beach, there would be a Lilly theme. They even have some great party suggestions on the blog!

Mom is the only good cook in the family, so we would definitely have to have it somewhere else. That somewhere else would be Nick and Johnnies, because we're a casual sort.

So technically these are for a wedding, but I think this would be a fun invite to give guests in case they aren't too familiar with Palm Beach. Especially because some of my Mom's faves are on this map. 

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