13 March 2013

Details: Small Spaces

Living in the city has taught me to seriously limit my purchases. Now everything I purchase has to be deliberate and have to have a home before it gets home. I'm constantly finding inspiration on Pinterest to help me with the small details. 

I'm always looking for ways to bring in more artwork, but still keep the space light. 

Note to self: be more selective about beauty products in the shower.

You can always find a place for organized clutter and make it work.

Bar carts are fabulous and not just for alcohol. 

Coffee tables should be filled with books,nuts, and flowers to inspire conversation.


  1. love all of this! i have small space too so i hear ya. i just put up a gallery wall and am working on the bar, here's to small spaces!

    1. Small spaces can be tricky, but so fun to figure out!


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