12 June 2012

Nautical But Nice

I'm a sailor, and when I say sailor I use that term lightly. Actually, to be honest, I used to sit on the boat and tan and occasionally do something involving lots of lines and making sure we weren't last place in regatta's. BUT this doesn't stop me from loving  the nautical style! In this summer I'm always wearing stripes, topsides,  and I used to wear a rope bracelet - but had to stop due to a slight obsession* in 7th grade.

*When I say obsession I really mean, I wouldn't take mine off for like 5 years because I thought it would be bad luck ,so when my friend's mom made me take it off, I decided to not wear one again due to the amount of anxiety taking the last one off - I didn't think I would recover. Yes, I know I'm crazy and I embrace it.

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