27 March 2011


i was talking to some friends the other day about diets that work and some that don't and we all agreed the most helpful diet book or, in this case, website would include weekly menus that give you guidelines that are more rigid and give somewhat more guidance then the average book. i shared my diet tips and i decided to share a website i used to use called spark people.

this website is not for everyone, but while i was in school it helped me keep track of the calories and gave me some pretty intense workouts that books did not give me. it is something that is definitely worth looking at and, if you prefer books, they have a book out too! as an added bonus, i was able to get the book for 6 dollars because it was on sale!

(disclaimer: i also need the aid of a trainer to help me...thank you SO much leslie! check out my trainers amazing blog, she gives amazing tips and helped me lose 20 lbs)

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