19 June 2017

New NY Store: The White Company

One morning while walking down 5th I noticed a new store opening that put an extra spring in my step - British based store The White Company. I first discovered them years ago on a trip to London, so I was over the moon excited to learn they were opening stateside. I love love love their simple and easy aesthetic, it's perfect for both city and country living. While I'm trying not to buy anything this year as I'm moving in the fall, I just may need to pick up a few pillows and the carafe and stacking tumblers (have I ever mentioned my obsession with them?).  Below are a few of my favorite inspiration images from the website: 

138446d1ab1c0950e2cdcd76ebceaef5.jpg (406×406)

c593eab260a38d539824841ee8db7315.jpg (406×406)

a05351098bb5a41cb4e32de4288f2af0.jpg (406×406)

301026947590a3d44d758a67bcfe61d7.jpg (406×406)

493100d8d74fe04faca32a6796d60df5.jpg (236×236)

I'm sensing a birthday week purchase in the near future! 

ARS xx

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