24 April 2017

Pretty Pins for Spring

Happy Monday! I hope this week flies by just as quickly as last week did - can it be May already? I don't have much planned, except for testing a few more foods for my Low FODMAP diet, working out, getting some work on my magazine towerhouse (you can see a few updates on the towerhouse instagram!), and a screening for the film How to Diffuse a Bomb at the Irish Arts Center. I realized I haven't done a pretty pins post in awhile and thought it was high time to share a few images that have been inspiring me as of late on my pinterest account.

187d5833644f7092cf2b6111f5cd78bd.jpg (564×846)

6445c550a56a709d366bbde4a59a068d.jpg (325×442)

c00f0ae024da5ba836abf0d11b9d289e.jpg (296×470)

af5f6e9e1dadd6ea9c8f6b4aba25b44b.jpg (564×564)

d6974c48ac45be9c7ad7a1dcda0c0951.jpg (422×539)

See you on Wednesday!


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