21 April 2017


What a week! I feel like time is totally flying, but in a good way! Last week was limping by, so it was nice to have a total change of pace. I caught up with a friend over a walk, tried a few barre classes, and am slowly learning I can change my habits - it isn't just a myth. Just lots of hard work and understanding friends, more on that another time though!

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Trying volleyball with my roommate Christina! We joined a team with her friends as a fun thing to do on Tuesday nights and for a change of scene. I might not be the most athletic person in the group, but I'll definitely give it my all. Wish me luck, as I'm usually on the sidelines for things like this!

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Editing my closet. It's high time I start making a few updates! As I've mentioned in past posts, my closet is in dire need of help and I'm slowly trying to upgrade a few looks. A main resource has been Moda Operandi, where I can buy nicer clothes and pay half now half later. So far it's worked out great for me and has curbed my spending significantly. Next up is organizing my closet and I'll be referencing this article to start!

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Loving this Why Millenial Pink Refuses to Go Away article. As someone who is obsessed with the color in almost all shades, I loved reading about iconic pink moments in history.

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Obsessing over the Markarian trunkshow on Moda Operandi. I seriously want to order almost all of it, but am holding out for the 20 pairs of Aquazzura shoes I want. Namely, the De Gournay ones and the pink pom poms - or the black suede bows!

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Scrolling through Come to Coco, a blog I just discovered. I feel like we are kindred spirits, just on different coasts and in slightly different stages of life. While she doesn't blog often, I love popping in to see what she's up to and inspired by! 

Enjoy the weekend!


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