14 April 2017


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Amy Stone's apartment collaboration with One Kings Lane. While I personally have had quality issues with OKL products, I can't deny that their aesthetic just works for me. Needless to say, I am in love with Amy's apartment and totally wish I could apartment swap. I mean, that fireplace alone has me ready to move in! Now, if only I could get my roommate on board with the blue velvet couch idea...

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Trying out the new, natural makeup I picked up at Follain last weekend. While I already cleaned up my face wash and toner, I had yet to tackle my makeup and other beauty products. I got a serious wake-up call earlier this winter and I decided it was high time to edit everything in my makeup bag and start fresh and go more natural. As I don't really wear makeup often, I didn't hesitate to throw anything out. So now you'll see me sporting a paired down look that just feels way more me - lipstick, highlighter, and a not so natural mascara courtesy of Dior.

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Ordering a few of these Louise Townsend bags as gifts for myself, family, and friends. Are they not the cutest? With Mother's day, birthdays, and summer just around the corner I'm starting to think of unique and cost effective gifts. These bags are pretty irresistible and perfect for a day at the beach, running errands, and maybe even a gym bag?!

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Playing around with my watercolors again. It's been a few years since I've painted, but I'm picking up the paintbrushes again and hope to get a new logo for towerhouse and a few details for the website done! Right now I'm just trying to work on colors and getting back into my mixing groove, but I'm contemplating taking an online class - or a calligraphy one in person if I can find one. It's always fun to have a few watercolor tricks up my sleeve.

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Saving money wherever I can! Two of my biggest changes have been meal planning and prepping for the week and cutting out my metro card. Being able to just grab breakfast and lunch from the fridge has been a huge help and gets rid of any excuses I might make up for early mornings. It's also saved me tons of money, as I'm not ordering out nearly as much and as an added bonus, has become a relaxing weekend ritual. I also have been thoroughly enjoying my morning walks now that it's warm out. Here's to hoping these two changes make my waistline smaller and my wallet bigger.

Happy Easter weekend!

ARS xx

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