08 April 2016

Towerhouse: How I Chose My Magazine's Name

Now that I've finally told you about towerhouse, (don't forget to subscribe) I feel like there are a million experiences I can share with you. First up? The hardest part - picking a name. When I first came up with the magazine idea, I figured it would a long road with lots of obstacles to overcome. I didn't think the hardest part would be picking the name!

I found there were SO many things I could draw inspiration from, I was a bit overwhelmed. To help, I made an excel sheet and each column was dedicated to lists of things I loved, my favorite words, things that reminded me of home, personal interests, inspirational book characters, and the list of lists goes on and on and on. I ended up going with the most personal of names - the name of my house! I grew up in a watertower that was built in the 1920s, and was converted into a home in the 1950s. The history is rich with inspiration and character, so I knew I found the perfect name to convey the classic with a twist spirt I'm known for and hope to translate into towerhouse.

I felt like I needed a tagline and felt like "add sparkle to your life" was the perfect nod to my blog, sparkles of life, that inspired the whole idea of creating a magazine.

I love it when things are right under your nose, even if it takes the backwards way to find it.

ARS xx


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