06 April 2016

Fashion Dupes

Do you spend a ton of time making an "if only" pinboard of clothes you wish you could have but can't exactly afford? You're in good company over here. As a girl with champagne tastes on a beer budget, I'm constantly searching for less expensive versions of the things I want (or waiting for a sale to come along). Oftentimes, it's a season or two later that something will come out, but once I find it nothing feels better. If beauty can have dupes, so can fashion. Right? Right. So here are a few things I've found that I really want now that my shopping ban is over:

Banana Republic Bag vs. Emilio Pucci Bag:
While browsing in the Pucci store I saw these gorgeous bags and knew I wanted one. I mean, the fringe! the suede! the colors! I just loved everything about it. I definitely didn't have the money to spend, so I held off and low and behold this season Banana Republic has come out with a line of bags with a similar and a lot more practical (sorry, fringe, but something had to give) style.

J. Crew Dress vs. Valentino Coat:
When I saw the image of Alexa Chung in this jacket, I was drawn to so many things - the bows, the black color, and a short hemline being the main attractions. If I'm being honest, my heart almost stopped when I saw the whole glorious Valentino collection, like it does every fashion week. While I definitely won't be getting the swingy jacket Valentino served up all of those seasons ago, I will be getting an adorable and much more practical dress.

Alice and Oliva Top + Skirt Combo vs. Valentino Dress
When I saw Valentino's F/W 2015 RTW collection go down the runway, my jaw dropped. Look after look after look could not have been more breathtaking. While I obviously wanted to fill my closet with everything it just wasn't feasible (an ongoing theme of this post). I almost did a little dance at my desk when  I saw this Alice and Olivia top and skirt come up on my screen. Although this is not quite as similar to the dress, it still has a strong dreamy and romantic look about it, which is really what I love so much.

This post should serve as a reminder that good things come to those who wait and those who take the time to do their due diligence.

ARS xx

S U B S C R I B E 

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