18 June 2013

How To: Avoid Sunburn Discomfort

I used to not burn. Ever. But after an epic sunburn on Spring break I now get sunburned after the first day out in the sun. After that one time I did some (serious) research and have my yearly routine down pat. 

First things first, preventative measures are always a good idea - hello sunscreen

After my sun poisoning experience, I was introduced to Clinque's After Sun Rescue Balm, which has now become a staple in my Summer bag of tricks. I slather this on when I get out of the sun and before going to bed along with extra aloe

I like to drink lots of cold water, to cool me down and prepare my green tea bath. I prepare it ahead of time, so there is enough time to let the water cool down to a lower temp so I don't really overheat.


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