24 January 2013

Cleanse Prep Tips

I started juice cleansing about two and a half years ago. While it was difficult at first, I've become a dedicated cleanser and firm believer in the health benefits. When I first started, I was not able to get the Green Juice down and would get sick about halfway through. I finally took the hint my body was not so subtly telling me and started to slowly change my diet to include less toxic foods, enabling me to finally cleanse successfully.

One thing that is essential to having a successful cleanse is the preparation. I always encourage anyone I know who is cleansing to cut out coffee ASAP, stick to a strictly veggie diet starting 2 days before, and to eat completely raw the day before the cleanse starts.

 This time around, I'm going to stick with the veggie diet starting on Saturday and try to squeeze in a massage and ionic foot bath Sunday to jump start my cleanse on Monday!

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