06 May 2012


I LOVE anything seersucker, whether it be a dress, pants, skirt, or a suit (for the guys). While I might not be sporting it as much as I used to in the past, I can't help but admire these fun treats!

Seersucker Croakies: Perfect gift for the sailor (totally needed these when my Prada glasses fell victim to high winds and lack of croakies)

Seersucker Coozies: Maybe my sister and her housemates will enjoy a bunch of these down South!

The Rover Collar: Not that Thor would EVER wear this (or that I would buy this for my dog), I still think it would be hilarious! 

The Bandeau Bikini: This totally would have been a great 4th of July outfit option when I was younger! (Maybe I can still pull it off?!)

Seersucker Chair: This is just fun - too bad it's no longer available!

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