30 June 2011

boy approved presents

i am constantly nagging my cousins for gift ideas because i find that guys are impossible to shop for. there are a billion reasons but the main ones include:

1. i do not keep tabs on the latest "it" gadget
2. i don't think like a guy at all therefore am unable to relate
3. generally the only things we have in common are a love and food and that fact we are human

needless to say, men in my life usually end up getting socks and underwear but please don't fret! while the idea might be unoriginal, i like to spice up wardrobes with glam cashmere socks and colorful (in more ways then one) underwear.

anyways, back to the topic on hand, DOM shared with me an idea for gifts (he is either hinting the i need to pick up something for him or he is finally giving me ideas!) so check out this clothing brand as it is guy approved.

(knives and anything having to do with the outdoors made the cut as well, but i know nothing about these so i avoid purchasing them like the plague)

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