05 March 2011

the ten dullest authors: a symposium

one of the things i love to do is collect old books, which should not come as a surprise to anyone because i am such an avid reader. i recently picked up an old vanity fair book from the 1960's that features various selections from the 1920's and 1930's. as i was pouring over the articles, i stumbled upon one that made me laugh. it is called "the ten dullest authors: a symposium" and basically a group of literary specialists from the 20's each wrote about his or her choices.

the one who stood out for me was elinor wylie, it was hilarious and i decided to share it with you (because this is the exact way i would say it and i agree with a lot of it!)

"with my hand upon the famous Vanity Fair Chain Bible, I herby swear that the following statement is the truth and nothing but the truth; though the space does nit permit it to be the whole truth.

1. William Shakespeare as a Comic Writer. Because I am sadly deficient in humor.
2. Dante Alighieri. Because I can't read Italian.
3. Walt Whitman. Because I can't read Whitman.
4. George Eliot. Because her dark brown binding got into her style.
5. Robert Louis Stevenson. Because his admirers call him R.L.S.
6. Walter Pater. Because of his infinite capacity for taking pains.
7. Selma Lagerlof. Because an English lady read her aloud to me.
8. Henry James. Because of Mrs. Wharton and Mrs. Gerould.
9. Paul Claudel. Because he has a beautiful mind.
10. Gertrude Stein. Because..."

i thought this was just hilarious because i don't think i would see anything like this article in today's vanity fair!

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