15 March 2011

Dr. Harris Lip Balm

Recently, I have exclusively been using my favorite clutch for numerous reasons, the main ones being I can only fit my phone, cash, ID, and, if I'm lucky, my lip balm. It narrows down to only essentials and I don't have to worry about carrying other people's things.

Anyways, while I was in New Orleans, my lip balm became a bit of a problem and became a joke amongst the group because no one wanted to carry it but all wanted to use it. (Obviously I was not with the chivalrous boys I was led to believe I would be meeting) While I believed that it was going to be lost, it somehow survived and will hopefully live to see another weekend!

Side note: I usually use the fresh chap stick (I swear by this stuff and it's totally worth the money), but in a pinch I will use the lip balm.

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