02 January 2011


i'm not one for resolutions, because i usually break them unintentionally. however, i do plan on bringing order to my crazy room and dressing room because they are a little bit crowded for my taste...and that is saying a lot.

i also don't want to end up on hoarders, and at the rate i'm going i might need to be on it!

it's not a good thing when shoes are resting on magazines, which happens to be sitting on my radiator cover.

i also am taking the hint that i need to go through my closet...

...because i have to resort to hanging thing on my wall sconces!

i don't even know how i am productive with all the clutter that is around me.

now that i have shown everyone the cluttered mess that is my room, keep posted to see the updates/results of my cleaning spree!

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