28 January 2011

laundry day

if you are a mother, please stop reading right now. you will hate me and side with my mom.sooo i don't want to spoil this post and make you never want to read my blog again!

ok, that being said, when lila moved out of the house this fall there were many life adjustments to be made. one of the biggest (and most unfortunate) being that i now have to do my own laundry. as my many past roommates will agree, i hate doing laundry, actually no. i despise doing laundry. i would rather pay the $1 a pound to get my clothes back then do it.

i looked forward to coming home because my mom would do it for me, but after lila moved out, that was no longer a possibility. i asked my mom why i had to do it and she replaied "if lila can do her own laundry so can you" so thanks lila.

(she is one of my best friends, but there is always this tradition of some life changing thing that occurs whenever she leaves my house...)

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