30 November 2010

iphone apps

i've had an iphone for a couple of years now and i must say that while it has it's downfalls (mainly the spell correction on the keyboard) i love it. mainly i love my applications and i don't know what i would do without them! the ones that i use everyday are:

1. words with friends (add me: bepink10)
2. elle horoscopes (not that i believe in them but i just feel more prepared for the day after i read it for some reason)
3. weightman (how else can i see how much progress i have made weight-wise)

and some that i have for fun are

1. ochocino (i have both...the one where you basically stalk him and his game)
2. blackbook guides (helpful for all cities)
3. drudgereport (a girl must have all news at her fingertips)
4. bejeweled (my whole family is addicted)

any recommendations for some others?

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