01 November 2010

everyone is talking about...

this new york times article! ok not really everyone, just my family and friends. in case you didn't read my "about me" section i rarely shower...and when i say rarely i mean about 3-4 times a week not every single day. i mean in my defense i would probably shower more if

1. i had a shower curtain
2. i had a bath mat
3. the heat worked in my house

anyways, i could not help but laugh when i saw this article and got numerous messages and phone calls asking if i saw it!

so see everyone, i'm not the only one!* (please note: i do use deodorant and brush my teeth ect... i'm not like the people who don't do anything. i'm a clean person i swear!) my hairdresser always comments on my healthy hair and i think it's because of not using shampoo every single day. thank you bumble and bumble for the dry shampoo!!! it's a lifesaver...

*i'm not mentioning my friends (yes, i do know other people who are like me and invest in dry shampoo) who i know don't shower so they don't get mad...but i have a few!

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