03 May 2010

10 - 1

because i never eally talk too much about myself, i feel as though it is time for me to give a little bit of insight as to who i am outside of this blog. i didn'r really want to do an interview so here i decided to do this instead. if you want to do a little interview thing, post the questions and i will answer them (none from uncle joe or you, dad!!)

10 Things you want:
 laduree macarons ( chocolat, vanille, cassis and fruit rouges), a new book, christian laboutin heels, chanel bag, froufrou, fresh flowers , a hot pink couch, for finals to be over, black wide leg pants, a new hat

9 Musicians/bands you love (in no order):
 jason mraz, carla bruni, rolling stones, madonna, earth wind and fire, talking heads, david guetta, the band, the goo goo dolls

8 Things you do everyday: wake up, check my email, brush my teeth, eat, read, talk, drink tea, go to sleep

7 Things you enjoy:reading, walking, writing letters and never mailing them (oops), shopping, exploring, dancing, annoying people

6 Things that will always win your heart:
 a sense of humor similar to mine, presents, and i can't really think of anything that isn't obvious soo next!

5 Favorites: Movie, song, book, food, season:
 uptown girls, make it mine (jason mraz), eloise, mozzarella on anything, and summer

4 Smells you enjoy:a new book, lavender, freshly baked cookies, my perfume

3 Places you want to go: japan, italy, and london

2 Favorite holidays: my birthday and Christmas

1 Person you’d marry on the spot:
 prince charming!

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