28 June 2017

Pretty Pins for July 4th

I'll be in Nantucket for the 4th, but wish I was going to be in Palm Beach or out east as the weather will be a bit chillier than I would like. Cool weather aside, I can't wait to don all of my festive MDS Stripes looks and catch up with friends by the beach. (You can always follow our adventures and misadventures on instagram) I've rounded up a few images that have been inspiring my Fourth of July weekend looks and general decor choices. Enjoy!

92d09f8b7839dd30a8f66e351528a96a.jpg (564×753)

39ebd43ec268693afc17e37d85426735.jpg (564×564)

fee27dc98ed6305c401db43c82848d30.jpg (564×564)

61f9287dfe7555fe1e23d8ef546a27df.jpg (564×564)

06a6a558fec043f6a1d70a3c5866573a.jpg (564×573)

Happy Wednesday! 

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