14 June 2017

Pretty Pins for A Birthday Month

As I mentioned last week, it's my birthday month! I'm in the (bad) habit of forgetting it's also two of my best friend's birthday month too, but I'm a diva and shameless so - whoops! It's been a fairly busy month so far, which is basically the opposite of where I was this winter. From catching drinks with friends, to weekend country getaways, to ending the volleyball season on a high I can safely say it's been a good time. As always, you can catch the highs and lows on my instagram. I'm in a blue colored mood this week, so I'm rounding up a few images that have been inspiring my style, travel, and decor choices as of late.

531fe7d169fc636aa2959375ed6f4560.jpg (564×744)

fda669c398a48f9dc487142821b961cf.jpg (564×752)

a6f0b0d2fabf3201c356e26ebd81fe61.jpg (413×550)

4cda1165889a7c7960e135e8984b0001.jpg (564×730)

0cf66bc6b66292d3f8c8f18bbe223d00.jpg (564×846)

Happy Wednesday!


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