28 April 2017


While it was a good week, it was fairly uneventful so I don't have too many personal updates. I'm just getting excited for the weekend - they feel shorter as the weather gets nicer, but I'm still not complaining! Hopefully I don't get too distracted and blow off all of my errands.

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Taking barre classes at Physique57! While this is definitely not the workout for me (it's so so so hard), I can't deny that I've seen the results in just a week and a half. Keeping me motivated is my friend Alix, who is a barre pro and got me to try the class!

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Waiting for the Aquazzura x De Gournay collaboration to come out. I know I've written about it before, but I seriously am hoping to pick up a pair from this collection - they would be perfect for all those summer weddings I have coming up!

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Attending a screening for the documentary How to Diffuse a Bomb: The Project Children Story. If you ever get the chance to see this, please go and watch it. What an unforgettable, inspiring, and thought provoking night! As an added treat Denis Mulcahy, two time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and the creator of Project Children, was there to speak about the project and I can't believe how humble he was about what he did and his accomplishments.

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Loving Matches Fashion's packaging! I ordered from them for the first time and was pleasantly surprised to open my package to find a chic marbled paper box inside that held my new espadrilles. As a total sucker for package, I was in love and as an added bonus, I now have a new place to store my accessories.

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Planning a DIY day with Cait at some point in the near future! We used to have crafting days all the time growing up and we both have a few projects in mind. While I'm guessing her are more home decor related, mine are fashion updates to older pieces I might not want to get rid of, but are in need of a sprucing up.



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