24 March 2017

Pretty Pins for Friday

TGIF! This week definitely had it's highs (attending the LOAH concert - more on that next week) and it had a few lows (doctor appts) but luckily for you and me it's over. This year more than ever I've been eager for spring to come, which makes these past few chilly days extra disappointing. To get me through these last few days of winter blues I'm rounding up a few of my current favorite blue pins on pinterest.

79792ca08c5d63810d18e45b484b916a.jpg (540×463)

abaa813dede0914b2831ef52b7e3f31a.jpg (390×560)

e641d79996f91b749993748e6a2100e9.jpg (564×564)

86085622e1ffbe5358f10db9e93e9272.jpg (564×846)

2fc5efaea865c1f4ac327824eb2818d8.jpg (564×729)

Enjoy your weekend! 


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