03 March 2017

Pretty Pins for a Friday

I've had a life long love affair with the color pink, so I'm over the moon that pink is currently the color du jour! Is anyone else excited about this pink moment? My wardrobe has definitely been benefiting and I dream of the day I can finally paint my living room a very pale pink. Enjoy a few inspiration pictures I've collected from pinterest over the years, all featuring my favorite color.

0ff18b759d9c4998a21ec9ebec80aa71.jpg (347×455)

96af8594c7c918f303555f13d68fe286.jpg (564×846)

9c700739f6b007755dfd1de94b4a641d.jpg (335×447)

d47e1dc83fdbd74f1673ec29af95dc5b.jpg (398×600)

2ad29c5be20166397b7dbf3c2a147651.jpg (564×703)

Happy weekend! 


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