02 November 2016

5 Etsy Shops for Easy Apartment Updates

Having committed to a fourth year at our current apartment, Christina and I are looking to finally finish decorating or at least coming close to it! I've mentioned this in the past and showed some inspiration, but now my roommate and I are taking active steps to make it happen. One of my favorite resources in the past has been Etsy so it shouldn't be a huge surprise that we're here again. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite stores I've found over the years for you to check out! 

233c795b59f3b47c4e804ef1b277d174.jpg (564×331)
LivenUPDesigns - This is where I had my x-benches made! It was my first ever custom Etsy purchase and I haven't turned back since. I'm still so obsessed with them and can personally  recommend this shop. 

32f88b49364bc055dfffc2a3a95d2f8a.jpg (564×564)
Nectar Hollow - I can't get enough of these paper flowers. I just ordered a few stems and already can't wait to add some more to my collection! 

543d2166922546c0dd20259281ec69d4.jpg (564×564)
Art & Manufacture - How adorable are the above mugs? I love all of the blue and white ceramics - thwy would be perfect for my future Palm beach place, right?

9a119aeec4d1092240070490fd779ea3.jpg (564×752)
Timeless Accessories -  Yes to all Karl Springer style furniture, please! This former Karl Springer artisan is making her own furniture in the style now and I am dying to have a table made. 

033172d9faafe4417a3d17815c421f51.jpg (564×564)
Elizabeth Mayville - I would be remiss if I didn't add an artist to the list as art is a key component in updating our apartment. I recently purchased a still life by Elizabeth Mayville and want to add more to my growing collection! 

Do you have any shops to add to the list?

ARS xx

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