28 September 2016

Party Planning: Fall Fête

I was grabbing coffee with an acquaintance awhile back and we were discussing our love of entertaining and how it would be fun to host an afternoon house party. It was timely because my roommate and I have been toying with the idea of having friends over for an autumnal celebration. It's kind of the perfect time for city dwellers to throw a party - everyone is excited to be back in the city and it's still warm enough out so weather will not be a deterrent. To get everyone in the mood, I would definitely want to send a festive and fun invite, most likely from paperless post. I love making cheese plates, so there would absolutely be a few floating around - ideally with a side of cider or a crisp beer. I'd want to decorate our mantle and side tables with seasonal decor, like pumpkins, twigs, and greenery. Below you'll find some inspiration for my ideal party.

57651f7f868c8a83dafbad95300db9c1.jpg (337×466)

Happy fall!

ARS xx
S U B C R I B E 

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