19 August 2016

Summer/Fall Transitional Outfit Inspiration and Tips

I don't know about you, but I always struggle with my outfits in September and October. I'm always wondering why it's not cold enough to wear the sweater I wanted and debating whether or not to wear those white pants. To help me along with this awkward season, I've come up with a list of good "go to" looks to keep me on track to get hopefully banish those doubts flying around in my head. I'm also providing a few tips to help you with your look!

Edit your closet before shopping - I've recently started going through my clothes each season and trying on every. single. thing. again before allowing it to go back into my closet. I find this helps weed out all of my worn clothes and is a refresher on what I need to buy for the season, Is it time consuming? Yes. Have I saved money and prime closet space? Yes. Trust me when I say this extra step is worth it.

Keep a few summer pieces on hand - I find this is handy for fall just because there is a pesky thing called "Indian Summer" where you really wish you had that tank top or dress to put on. I also find this helps me keep my looks more transitional versus full throttle fall. An added bonus is having a few options ready to go for warm weather vacations!

Dark on top light on the bottom for daytime - For casual, everyday looks I think a darker color shirt or sweater paired with a lighter color pant or skirt is just chicer for fall. I love the look of a black turtleneck sweater with a lighter color denim and brown loafers. Or how about a navy cable knit sweater with a pair of winter white cords? Perfection!

Winter white dresses for meetings - Speaking of winter white, I think that's fall is the best time to wear a heavy knit white or cream dress paired with a colorful scarf and those suede heels you've been dying to wear. I actually plan on wearing this to a fashion week presentation I have coming up!

All black for evenings - As a NYer, it's no secret that I love an all black look more than the average person so I'm not going to go into why, but trust me go for the all black (with gold jewelry!!)

Happy shopping!

ARS xx


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