25 July 2016


I first learned about Naturopathica while reading a Martha Stewart magazine dating back to 1997. The article featured a woman who had an all natural beauty + health company based out in East Hampton. I was curious as to whether or not the business was still around and lo and behold, when I looked the company up, I learned about an outpost just a few blocks from my apartment in the city. To blow my mind even more, it was a store my friend Grant and I walked past just a few days ago that I made a mental note to return to. Fast forward to last week, when I attended a mini facial event with Naturopathica and I finally got to try out a few products and let me tell you - I'm in love!

I can't get enough of face masks an we tried two! The first was was an enzyme face mask, which was supposed to help my skin become brighter and help with my red skin.

The second one used was this aloe mask and it was beyond soothing and a great match to the aloe face wash I ended up purchasing. I loved how cooling the mask felt!

In between each mask a lovely mist was used in addition to the face wash. I was so refreshed by the end of it that I almost walked out with that too!

All of these combined is a fab way to have an at home facial, but standalone these are all amazing too.

ARS xx


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