27 June 2016

Bill Cunningham

Over the weekend I was saddened to hear about the passing of Bill Cunningham, the legendary New York Times fashion photographer known for his eye for street style. He was someone who always inspired me in many different ways through both his photographs and work ethic. I even loved that he was a milliner. Whenever I spotted him on the street I always second guessed myself because he typically blended in and looked so normal - "how can someone so iconic be so unassuming?" is what I always thought to myself. I can go on and on about him as a person and his work life, but I don't believe I can do him the justice he deserves, so I'll let his writing and photography speak for themselves.

Just one last thing - you can't see in the above pictures, but if you look through pictures of him while working he always has huge smile. Seeing that makes me smile!

ARS xx


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