02 May 2016

Ten Recipes to Try for May

Like I promised back in April, I've been working on a much more relevant monthly post theme to share, instead of posting my personal goals and to dos for the month. Hopefully, you find my alternative as fun as I do! For May I'm sharing a few of my favorite recipes I like to make or some I'm hoping to try this month:

1. The Goop raspberry and coconut flapjack recipe - seriously, I make these by the batch, freeze them and eat them throughout the month.

2. Rawnola by Loni Jane - extremely addicting. I like to  make a big batch on Sundays to use throughout the week.

3. Goop Chia Pudding - do you see a reoccurring theme here? I just love the recipes from goop.

4. Grilled Mexican street corn salad - this seems like the perfect thing to get me in the summer spirt (because the weather definitely isn't there yet).

5. Loni Jane's "caramel Sauce" with apples - it takes a bit to get the recipe right (I personally use about 15 dates soaked overnight, a little bit of water, and around a 1/4 cup of coconut sugar) but once you get it, it's addicting.

6. Deliciously Ella's simple tomato and mushroom pasta - I love pasta and am always looking for easy recipes to try. This one seems like a not-too-ambitious recipe for a novice cook, like me.

7. Tate's chocolate chip cookies (via Goop) - a childhood favorite that I can't wait to try making myself!

8. Fried Rice - jury's still out on this, but to spice it up, I'll give this fried rice recipe a whirl.

9. Martha Stewart's pasta with snap peas, basil, and spinach - This sounds like a really light and perfect for spring.

10. Loaded baked potato quiche - this seems like just what I would want the day after a night out. Anyone else agree?

Happy cooking!

ARS xx


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