18 March 2016

Three Things for Spring

I recently started to feel a need to make more strategic purchases, and as way of helping with my overflowing closet and kicking my mindless shopping habit, I'm starting a three purchases per season rule. The goal is to ultimately buy only things I love love love so I have less clutter and put more thought into where my money is going. While my purchases may be on the pricer side, I know I won't be making unnecessary, impulsive, and frivilous purchases. This all being said, here is my (ideal) spring list:

1. Hermes scarf: It's no secret I love these scarves and I've been longing for a new one to add to my growing collection. I'm planning on treating myself to this one - how can I resist such a fun and happy design?

2. Frances Valentine shoes: I've felt like my closet has been missing something and it probably has something to do with the lack of (real) Kate Spade in my life. I was counting down the days for the FV launch so I could add a new pair of shoes to my closet. I love them all and am having a hard time deciding on which pair I want. Right now these are at the top of the list, although the feathered mules come in a close second. 

3. J. Crew Dress: I know the Presentation Dress from J. Crew will be a  Spring + Summer closet staple. Mentally I've been plotting all of the accessories I'll be wearing with it. As much as I love the blue, I will 100% be buying it in black because, let's be honest, I almost exclusively wear black. 

Now I'm off to start making a list of my Summer purchases....

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