25 March 2016

Fabergé Eggs for Easter? Yes, Please!

For me, Easter is synonymous with Fabergé eggs. Every Easter morning, my mom would frantically come up before mass to give us each our special Fabergé egg style charm necklace to wear. My sister and I used to debate over which one we would wear and trade off year to year. With such an iconic history, having been made for Russia's imperial families in the 19th century to be given as Easter gifts, it's hard not to stare at them in awe. I also love that Carl Fabergé was given complete artistic freedom in his 50 creations - if only he was still around to make one for me. 

I can't get over how stunning they are and will never stop admiring the attention to detail. Maybe I'll find one in my Easter basket or in the egg hunt one of these years, but I'll still take another charm in the meantime (nudge nudge, wink wink).

ARS xx

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