07 March 2014

Update: March Goals

As I mentioned last month, I opted not to make a New Year's Resolution but instead to reach monthly goals. First on the list was amping up my Gold Gala promotion, which I did verbally, not exactly through social media. This month I'm vowing to work out 5 out of to 7 days each week in an effort to stay in shape and to get ready for Spring!

Maybe I should put up something like this in my room as a visual reminder?

To add some variety into my week and increase flexibility I should probably add in some yoga to my routine. 

Having a fitness friend will be helpful. Anyone out there want to be the Dionne to my Cher this month? Let me know on twitter (@towerhousemag)

In case no one wants to work out with me, I'll be composing an amazing playlist (or stealing a few from pandora). 

A great outfit would be an added bonus. Sorry Lululemon, but Solow (GASP, I know) might tempt me  into cheating on you. 

1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 

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