08 November 2013

Party Planning: 5 Last Minute Party Prep Essentials

Planning the perfect party takes a lot of time and thought, which makes a last minute party a bit daunting. Some of my best gatherings have been a spur of the moment decision (as in day of) which is a challenge in itself. To help me stay on track, I usually have a basket of tricks (literally) on hand so I can really focus on the cooking aspect and not worry about the party theme. Some essentials include:

1. Really awesome napkins are a must. I usually pick them up as I see them, so I have a fun, colorful collection to choose from.

2. Paper straws add a thought out, fun flair to all drinks. They also are super trendy right now, which is an added bonus.

3. A well stocked bar - because who wants to rush to the store right before everyone arrives?

4. Paper + Plastic plates and Silverware are great because you can just throw it all out and not worry too much about the clean up and you can make them look less cheesy with cool details. This is where having great napkins can really help your tablescape.

5. Flowers add to the ambiance of party, and what's great about them is you can pick them up almost anywhere, whether it be at the grocery store while you're picking up essentials or (my personal fave) the bodega on the way home.

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