03 October 2013

NY Moment: Street Art Walks

Being the ultimate multitasking New Yorker, I recently gave up my metrocard in the hopes of saving money and getting in shape. So far so good, especially because it gives me the opportunity to take the long way home and to explore the city a bit more. To give you an idea of what just one afternoon stroll can find, check out my pictures below. 

Banksy street art (AHHHH!) 
OK so I'm an art nerd and he's one of my favorite street artists, so I'm super pumped that he's in town for the next month and I can't wait to see what he's doing. 

The Getty Station Exhibit 
Conveniently nearby the first Banksy work I saw, I checked this off my list of street art to see. Totally cool and worth it if you have the time to see. 

A really fun stairway 
Umm if I could come home to this every day I would be so happy. Based off the stairway, I totally want to meet these people. 

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