02 September 2013

September Goals and Action Plans

After my vacation I'm basically coming back to a new, and improved, life which means I have a new set of goals and I'm preplanning with a few action plans!

1. First and foremost I need to settle into my new apartment and make my room a reflection of me. 
What was great about my old apartment was that I didn't really need to decorate my room at all because the city was my backdrop. How will I decorate my teeny tiny room? By scouting thrift stores and Etsy for some fab vintage finds and reference articles like this

2. Really really really create a budget. 
My wallet can't handle another overseas trip for quite some time so I'm going to have to come up with a strict budget to keep me on track. I mentioned this in my May goals post, but I'm making a promise to myself to use Learnvest and take some tips from the pros. 

3. Cross off some of the smaller projects off my list, like cleaning my purses. 
The first step for me is ot actually make a complete list. While it might be overwhelming at first, I'll fill so much better, especially since I've been feeling so out of control recently. 

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