23 September 2013

20 Questions to Ask Your Kiltmaker

Whilst in Scotland, my family made the decision we needed kilts in our family Tartan. Little did we know that there were millions of options to choose from and how hard a choice it would be! Luckily, my Dad did his research and chose the best fit for our family. While perusing one of the shops, I spotted this helpful little card with the questions you should ask. Should you decide you want to have a kilt made, be sure to ask these questions, according to Geoffrey (Taylor) Kiltmakers:

1. Is the kilt made is Scotland?
2. Is it pure wool?
3. Is the yardage appropriate to my size?
4. How many Tartans are available for my name?
5. What choice of cloth and weight do I have?
6. Will the pleats be cut in the back for shaping and comfort?
7. What type of lining and canvas will my kilt have?
8. Are your kilts hand sewn?
9. WIll my kilt have a hip buckle, making it fit and lie well?
10. Will my kilt have belt loops, allowing the chain and belt to be secure?
11. What will the bottom edge of my kilt be like?
12. Will it be a traditional selvedge, hemmed or a modern selvedge?
13. WHo makes the kilts for your company?
14. How long has your company been making kilts?
15. Where is the actual workshop where my kilt will be made?
16. How deep will my pleats be?
17. How many (estimated) pleats should my kilt have?
18. Do I have the adjustment space for future growth?
19. How long should I expect my kilt to last?
20. If I need any alterations to my kilt when it is finished, will you make sure I'm 100% happy?

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