09 August 2013

Party Planning: Lashes and Lips

I've been on a beauty kick (basically since joining Pinterest) and am always looking for tips on how to amp up my going out "look" to something a bit more fun. I'm the worst with makeup and would love to throw a party with my more makeup savvy friends to get their tips. 

I would totally have a lash + lip bar, where there would be fun colors and a large array of lashes to play with.

I would need multiple options for lipstick colors and faux eyelash styles. 

A great source to refer to for lipstick sources is Life Unsweetened - she has a great list of the cheap versions of MAC makeup, which is perfect for this party. 

We would definitely be going out later, so some strong cocktails, will be provided...after we put on our makeup, of course!

To make sure we're in the party mood, I'll have a really fun surprise playlist going...or just make JAW pick it out - that's something we would have to play by ear.  

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