26 August 2013

Ethical Shopping: Merci

While I was in Paris, at the super chic store Merci, I was approached by a professor and her class and was asked about my stance on "ethical shopping". I didn't know that ethical shopping was a thing until then, but if it involves shopping at Merci, I'm 100% in. (In case you're wondering, you know you're an ethical shopper when you prefer to go green and/or shop for charity as opposed to having a free for all at every store like me.)
Super cute and fun entrance!

They have an amazing library restaurant - food for the soul and body!
(sidenote: that is the best tartine and café crème ever)

Amazing art installations can be found throughout the store. 

Definitely treated myself to one of these pretty painted linen bags.

I couldn't get enough of this installation.
Not only is my Parisian shopping habit now guilt free, but I now have a new phrase to explain why I absolutely needed that Vanessa Bruno dress and those fabulous Carven shoes. Now NY just needs to open a really awesome concept store in the name of charity and I'll basically become the face of this thing called "ethical shopping".

All images are my own, from my Parisian travels.

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  1. Love finding cute stores that are also "ethical"! My fav ethical fashion blog is http://www.ecouterre.com/


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