12 July 2013

Party Planning: Saturday Afternoon Beach Picnic

This weekend I'm going to a BBQ picnic. These are always fun because they are super casual and everyone can come. 

So in an ideal world I'd be able to spread drink buckets all over, but that's not exactly practical when at the beach...a cooler is. Still, a girl can dream! 

This ringtoss set is a great way to bring some color to the party (and keep the kids entertained). 

What's great about parties on the beach is that there is no pressure to leave by a certain time, so you can enjoy a (hopefully) stunning sunset, like the above one. 

Obviously these would be everywhere, because who doesn't love wearing a lei!?

Last, but not least, it would be important to find the perfect grill, so everyone can eat. 

All images from Pinterest

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