19 July 2013

Party Planning: Craft Time!

We're pretty into crafts at my house and like to celebrate and share our obsession with friends. Every year, close to Christmas time we plan a craft party. I think it would be fun to throw one every couple of months. If I were to plan a Summer one, which might be happening soon, I would have a lot of things I want to do! 

First, I would need to pick the crafts. This Anthropology list caught my eye, because honestly, who doesn't love Anthro? The hardest part will be choosing which ones to do!

Because it's Summer, and I'm obsessed with lavender and lemonade, the logical drink choice would be lavender lemonade, but the Glitter Guide has some other great suggestions I would consider. 

Snacks would obviously be provided, starting with my personal fave - pigs in a blanket

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