14 June 2013

Party Planning: Movie Night

Although May Movie Night just recently happened, I'm around looking for some fun film themed inspiration for next time.

I don't know where these would come into play, but they just look fun!

If only I could plan out seating like this...makes it seem more in theme - but then again, my couch is way more comfy.

Clearly I'm on a Ticket kick, but this article also has a great list of documentaries to check out, and Lord knows I love a good documentary!

We def will be munching on popcorn...YUM!


  1. I love themed party nights! I recently did a beach themed party for my kids and we had beach chairs and palm trees around the pool. I gave out salt water taffy and other boardwalk treats. It wasso fun to plan.

    1. That is so fun, Jessica! I'll totally have to add that to my list of parties to plan :)


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