20 May 2013

WANDERLUST: Flight Prep Tips

Not that I'm a frequent flier, but I've def been on some long flights. My tips? 

The perfect plane outfit
I like a smart looking outfit that's comfortable enough to sleep in, but still looks good when I land.

A relaxing playlist 
This is actually a funny story... When I was on my flight to China, I passed out and accidentally played the same song on repeat, so the Chinese people next to me had to listen to Donald Fagen's "I.G.Y." for pretty much the entire flight. Clearly, that is a song that puts me right to sleep!

Who wants to be dehydrated on a flight? No one. That's why I always buy the biggest bottle of water I can find and have it within reach

Blanket + Sleeping Mask
Plane blankets don't cut it, so I always bring my lavender throw blanket because it's cuddly and warm. To match, I typically bring my sleeping mask that I use at home to make sure it's completely dark for me.

Yummy Snacks
Let's be honest, the little bags they give you are not enough to survive a whole flight on. 

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