26 January 2011

"old habits die hard"

for the past couple of months i have been struggling with not having anything to occupy the majority of my time. i almost felt out of control because i basically stopped all of my usual habits.

i used to be:
1. a compulsive list maker
(i had my brain book on hand at all times)

2. obsessive about keeping my calendar updated
(it was my life and without it i used to be lost)

3. an early riser
(i was the rare high school and college student who would wake up at 630/7 every day without an alarm clock, ready to start the day)

at some point in the fall it all of this blew up and i found myself saying in bed until 9 am (that never used to happen), leaving my brain book and calender in my room, practically under my bed and being basically the person i never was. but good news everyone! i'm back to my normal, energetic self! i think this is a sign that i am ready to get back to work.


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