22 January 2011

Mini Muse: Lilly Pulitzer

It is only apropos that my mini muse is Lilly Pulitzer...I been wearing her clothes ever since I can remember! I love her colorful prints and even the tags that advise you to live a "carefree, colorful" life. Another bonus is that her prints are never out of style because Lilly prints are timeless! Actually, the older the print the cooler you are - in my opinion at least.

When I was in her store this past week I couldn't help but laugh because there was a framed quote that said something along the lines of  "there are moments of silence while the print does the talking".  This is very true, and a perfect example being the first time my cousins from out west were introduced to the Lilly print! Now, they are representing the Palm Beach signature style out in in AZ!

You might want to check out the Essentially Lilly book for some entertaining tips from a pro!

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