08 December 2010

reflection on october to mid-december

now that i am not doing anything with my life (aside from the ever going job search, obviously), i find that things i used to do constantly i don't do anymore and things i never did i am doing all the time.

things i don't do anymore:
1. make to do lists
2. online shop
3. now that i think of it...shopping in general (aside from window shopping. yes, this is true people. i swear!!! and no, don't worry hell has not frozen over)

things i do all the time:
1. yoga/pilates
2. gossip with moms at the gym
3. weheartit (could probably go under the 3rd category now that i think of it)

things i do too much of:
1. reading
2. book shopping
3. watch madmen

(above is my new motto)

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