03 December 2010

The Cleanse: Final Result

Well I hate to admit defeat but I'm not going to lie to you guys...I failed miserably with the cleanse. Maybe it's that I'm not in the mood to try to cleanse my body right now but I couldn't get past day 1!

I worked out as usual Tuesday morning, went home and started with the green juice...I think that is what did me in because I could barely get it down. The best tasting juice was so-so and I ended up cheating and eating guac for dindin.

Wednesday I was ready to eat a yummy bowl of cereal when my dad told me that I had to see it through, so I tried to....until i walked past the restaurant in Saks and had to stop and sneak a salad with Cait. After I beat myself up about having the salad I swore I was going to do it right for the rest of the time. Well, a tree fell down because of the atrocious weather and we had to eat out, so I couldn't even get to my juice if I tried.

Thursday I completely gave up and had a fab lunch with my cousin Oliver...oops!

I guess I'll have to get ready to isolate myself from the world and solid food for the next one I'm doing. (in January?!)

If you are truly dedicated, I highly recommend it but I think that this is something that you really have to want to do and be dedicated. Moral support is helpful (my Mom tempted me nonstop) and I highly recommend watering the green juice down!

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